You somehow stumbled across my page. My condolensces.

Welcome to my site, my name is Steve. You might also know me by my many aliases, such as CoolestOfFools, SuperCoolGuy, 1Funeral2Many, or that one stupid asshole that got into an argument with you on twitter. Speaking of, you can find my social media accounts in the links section, along with links to unrelated pages I recommend.

The mastermind revealed...

I made this website out of an affinity for early web 1.0-era websites. They shit all over the lame template-driven social media redirects we mostly have nowadays. Something about turn-of-the-millenium web design tickles me. Anyways, here I'll mostly just post about whatever dumb shit I feel like sharing to the whole world. In the blog, you'll get to read about me bitching about work or how subway fucked up my order. To learn more about my genius, you should head over to the about me section.

You can also find pictures of various things I've taken over the years in the photos page. You'll find a good chunk of AVHC bands and desert pics there. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your visit here, as well as any potential future visits. I'd like to say that I'll update this page often with information on whatever projects I'm currently working on and whatever, but truth is I'm a lazy son of a bitch so who knows.