Bask in my glory.

Born in Ohio, raised in a shit hole known as California. Hotter than all hell. Speaking of, I have a beautiful girlfriend named Bonnie who's also a talented artist, a link to her page is in the links section. Stuck my filthy little hands in a few projects as well; Did a DIY hardcore fanzine called Choke On A Laugh (or COAL, for short). Lasted for a whopping two issues, a third one which would've included a comp CD-R is in comatose. The first issue got reviewed by Razorcake, and was successfully submitted into the Austin Zine Library. Some links relating to COALZine are included in the links section. Also recorded a demo under the name of flight2039, which can be downloaded free of charge. Also found in the links section.

Issue #1 of COALZine

I enjoy hiking and walking outside, which juxaposes with my tendancy to stay in my room 24/7. I try to take lots of pictures for potential inspiration and use in like inserts and zines or whatever. Before COVID-19 came in a fucked everything sideways, I frequented local shows a lot too and tried to document them with pictures, and of course COALZine as well. I also formed a band with a friend called Azanah, however again because of the Corona the project is on life support as we havn't been able to rehearse or play shows. We're still looking for a drummer so that of course dampens progress, too.

I currently don't know what the hell I want to do in life, so if you have any suggestions send them to me. Maybe I'll join the circus or learn how to swallow swords like those guys at medieval fairs.

E.T. go home.